differences. The most probable one, I think is a difference in CONVENTION., the XIRR. will return an annual compounding interest rate, while the Yield will. depend on the coupon frequency. Since the coupon is annual in your. example, and the bond has less than a year to go, the yield will be. The difference between the IRR and Modified Internal Rate of Return is equal to = (12 - 6.18) % = 5.82% . ... ($ 10.4315 million - $ 10.0224. Use this Spreadsheet to calculate XIRR for yourself. In the above example the CAGR Return was 38.96 MIRR sums the discounted negative cash flows to the starting time, and sums the positive cash flows. To determine the internal rate of return (IRR) of an investment, follow the steps below. Start by listing out the value of all of the cash inflows/ (outflows) and the corresponding dates of the date of receipt. Use the XIRR Excel function ("= XIRR (Range of CFs, Range of Timing)"); the first input requires you to drag the selection box.

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